Application of Wirth Technology to Refrigeration.

Wirth Research has applied its world-leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capability to the supermarket sector, developing energy saving refrigeration technologies which eliminate cold air spill from open display cases. This has the added benefit of delivering an entirely new level of shopping comfort.


Best in class shelf edge technology, for customers who choose to roll out the EcoBlade™ retrofit across their estate, we offer the EcoBlade™+ product for their OEMs to factory fit.

WR EcoBlade™+ Benefits

The benefits of an OEM-installed WR EcoBlade™+ include:

  • Identical customer look and feel to WR EcoBlade™ retrofit
  • OEM factory-fitted bespoke EcoBlade™+ mounting arm delivers improved energy efficiency over EcoBlade™ retrofit



The WR EcoBlade™ is the best in class shelf edge technology. It is a simple, retrofit device that delivers a truly significant reduction in supermarket energy consumption and improvement in staff and customer comfort.

WR EcoBlade™ Benefits

The benefits of using the WR EcoBlade™ include:

  • Up to 25% reduction in refrigeration energy use
  • Lower front-facing produce temperature leading to significant reductions in food spoilage/waste
  • Lower cold air spill improves customer comfort
  • Payback in under 2 years including installation costs
  • Qualification for the UK government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)
  • Simplicity and speed of installation without the need for de-merchandising
  • Avoids introduction of physical barriers between customer and product
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance costs



Next Generation Refrigeration (NGR)

Building on the success of our best in class shelf edge technology, we have now developed an entirely new suite of technologies and cabinet optimisation tools and techniques which have delivered laboratory-proven energy savings of over 40% when applied to the latest conventional open refrigerated display cabinets (ORDCs).

The Wirth Research NGR technology represents a major breakthough in the performance of ORDCs, and delivers the following significant benefits:-

  • Virtually eliminates cold air spill from cases, transforming the customer shopping experience
  • Delivers measurably better product temperature uniformity, particularly for produce at the front of shelves. This means less waste due to product spoilage, and reassures shoppers that the products they buy have been maintained at the correct temperature
  • Allows significantly smaller refrigeration plant to be specified for a new shop build, or significantly reduces the load on existing plant, and therefore improves plant reliability, particularly during hot weather
  • Allows significant reductions in store heating due to the virtual elimination of cold air spill.

NGR technology can be applied to any ORDC and is available from a number of Wirth Research’s OEM partners

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