Software products

Wirth Research has developed high fidelity race car simulation capabilities, in particular, state of the art vehicle and tyre models, available independently for integration with customers’ own simulation packages, or as part of a suite of WR race engineering software tools.

WR MuRiTyre

MuRiTyre is a thermo-mechanical tyre model for use in simulators or simulations. Tyre temperature is a critical factor in the behaviour of tyres while racing and this can now be captured with our physical approach to modelling.

MuRiTyre features:

  • Models tyre temperature and therefore tyre behaviour, as it changes dependent on tyre use
  • Can be run with a fixed temperature
  • Accurately predicts the effect of camber by using a multi-rib model
  • Accurately models contact patch shape and pressure distribution which can be rig validated
  • Runs at solution speeds in excess of 1kHz
  • Predicts tyre wear and degradation
  • Is tuneable by changing physically based parameters

WR Dymola Vehicle Model

The WR Dymola Vehicle Model has been developed for use in dynamic and quasi-static simulations, including driver in the loop simulators and lap time simulation programs. Features include:

  • Multiple suspension mechanism options, including inboard and outboard sprung double wishbones and McPherson struts
  • Accurate mechanism adjustments and set up procedures
  • A modular approach that permits use of different drivetrain, aerodynamic and tyre sub-models

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