Wirth Research has developed unique technology in a number of sectors for which it has patent and design copyright protection in a range of geographical regions worldwide.

Listed below are details on patents and design copyright that are held by Wirth Research.

EcoBlades™ (Patents)

Austrian Patent No. ATE837581
Belgium Patent No. 2959805
Czech Republic Patent No. 2959805
European Patent No. 2959805
France Patent No. 2959805
Germany Patent No. 602015000498.1
Hungary Patent No. E031300
Ireland Patent No 2959805
Italy Patent No. 502017000001734
Netherlands Patent No. 2959805
Poland Patent No. 2959805
Portugal Patent No. 2959805
Spain Patent No. ES2612106
Sweden Patent No.2959805
Switzerland Patent No. 2959805
Turkey Patent No. TR 2017/00787 T4
United Kingdom Patent No. 2527628
United States Patent No. 9370262

EcoBlades™ (Design Registration)

Community Design Registration No. 003816370-0001
Community Design Registration No. 003816370-0002
Community Design Registration No. 003816370-0003
Community Design Registration No. 003816370-0004
Community Design Registration No. 003816370-0005
Community Design Registration No. 003816370-0006
Design Registration in Australia No. 201712410
Design Registration in Australia No. 201712411

Aerodynamic Device for Trailer

United Kingdom Patent No. 2540239

Vortex Generator (Bumper Turning Vane)

European Patent No.2809568
United Kingdom Patent No. 2498809
United States Patent No. 9481406

UAV Folding Wing

Japanese Patent No. 6064065
United States Patent No. 9452820
United Kingdom Patent No 2534435
Belgium No 3130535
Czech Republic No 3130535
Denmark 3130535
European No 3130535
European Patent (France) 3130535
European Patent (Netherlands) No 3130535
European Patent (UK) No 3130535
Finland No 3130535
Germany No 602016002463.2
Italy No 3130535
Norway No 3130535
Poland No 3130535
Spain No 3130535
Sweden No 3130535
Turkey No 3130535

UAV Landing Leg

UK 2550489

Engineering without limits

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