Wirth Research is a pioneer of cutting-edge research, development and design, in addition to cost-effective manufacture within the motor racing industry.

Wirth Research’s roots are embedded in the highly competitive world of pinnacle motorsport. Winning is not merely an aspiration, it is a reality. Our know-how has significantly contributed to Honda Performance Development’s (HPD) successes across its IndyCar and sports car programmes, with over 200 IndyCar victories including 11 at the Indy 500, 15 Drivers’ Championships and 12 Manufacturers’ Championships.

Wirth Research has also helped the performance of teams competing at the highest level in a range of formulae, including F1, WEC, ALMS, Formula E, WRX and Touring Cars.

Drawing on this experience and track record of success, Wirth Research offers our motorsport customers consultancy services in aerodynamic design, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), vehicle design as well as providing advanced software products including our unique thermo/physical tyre model and Dymola vehicle models.