Simulator Facilities

The Wirth Research Driver-In-the-Loop (DIL) simulator delivers a driving experience that is as near to the real world as you can get.

At the heart of our DIL simulator is a complete mathematical representation of all elements of a vehicle – including aerodynamics, chassis, engine, drivetrain and tyres – which are run together and are controlled in real-time by a human driver. The simulator’s cutting-edge 3D visualisation technology allows us to test and obtain the driver’s feedback on a variety of vehicle configurations, without the expense and difficulty of track testing. This makes it an exceptionally cost-effective motorsport and automotive vehicle development tool.

The simulator features a six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform, high-fidelity steering feedback system, seat belt tensioning system and ultra high resolution 3D graphics. It runs Dymola-based vehicle models and its flexible ‘modular’ modelling approach enables accurate simulation across multiple disciplines. An extensive library of high accuracy track models is available which has been created in-house directly from laser scans.

Wirth Research’s DIL simulator provides a comprehensive engineering tool that allows drivers and engineers to work closely together, resulting in an experience which is close to that of real world vehicle testing, but delivered in the safety and comfort of a laboratory environment.

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