Our Process

Since the late 1980s, Nick Wirth has pursued a dream: to realise the possibility of an entirely digital development process for advanced engineering products. The culmination of years of development of computer systems and hardware, plus the refinement of state-of-the-art software simulation tools, has now allowed this dream to become a reality.

Wirth Research specialises in advanced, proprietary virtual engineering technology, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. This branch of fluid dynamics helps to inform the development of a wide range of products across various industries. Developed in-house, it enables simulated testing and vehicle development, reducing the need for costly and wasteful prototype manufacture and therefore proving instrumental in helping our clients improve their environmental credentials. For example, the Wirth Research CFD process has replaced wind tunnels that were traditionally used for flow simulation and developing prototypes. Furthermore, cutting-edge vehicle simulators have been developed for use in the advancement of car design, set-up optimisation and driver training.

The proprietary CFD technology has been successfully validated in a number of other high-technology sectors, allowing us to assist a wide range of new clients, in fields such as architecture, refrigeration, commercial vehicles and defence & aerospace.

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