Concept categories

2012 Manufacturer LMP1

Client Brief

Create car concept for 2012 LMP1 competition, with the following targets:

  • Car concept optimised for Le Mans 24 Hour race
  • All chassis, bodywork and transmission components suitable for manufacturer supported works team only
  • Chassis and aerodynamics optimised around four equal-size tyre concept, that Wirth Research pioneered on the championship winning 2009 Acura LMP1 ARX-02a

2018 Universal IndyCar AeroKit

Client Brief

Create all-new IndyCar AeroKit bodywork package, with the following targets:

  • Oval and road course aerodynamic performance similar to 2017 manufacturer AeroKits
  • Enhanced aerodynamic safety characteristics compared to current manufacturer AeroKits
  • Improved aesthetics with simplified and cleaner lines
  • New side-impact safety structures for driver protection
  • Substantially reduced bodywork costs for teams

Wirth Research’s 2018 IndyCar concept was delivered in November 2016.

2018 Formula E

Client Brief

Create car concept for 2018 Formula E chassis tender, with the following targets:

  • Accommodate the larger entire-race 2018 Formula E battery pack
  • Able to package a diverse range of manufacturer powertrains
  • Designed to be more damage resistant with car to car and car to barrier contact
  • Aerodynamics optimised for low ride height sensitivity and minimal loss of downforce when following other cars
  • Designed to cost considerably less than FIA 2018 car target price

2011 Hydrogen Fuelled Car

Client Brief

Create car concept for a new one-make single seater race series, with the following targets:

  • Designed for racing in hot climates
  • Suitable for inner-city temporary circuits
  • Ultra low emission
  • Approximate one hour races
  • Performance and spectacle comparable to F1/IndyCar
  • Low running cost

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