Our technological expertise, combined with our talent, passion and world-class knowledge, means we are best placed to inform architectural and planning decision making.

Wirth Research’s hi-resolution Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), coupled with over a decade of experience in providing aerodynamic excellence, means we can deliver better information earlier in the architectural development process, informing design decisions from the project outset.

Since 2008, Wirth Research has pioneered the application of CFD in the construction sector, predicting and solving potential environmental impact and wind engineering problems resulting from major projects and master-planning schemes.

Hi-resolution CFD from Wirth Research is an increasingly vital tool in the architectural and landscape design decision-making process, bringing timely, quantifiable business and environmental benefits.

Wirth Research’s contribution to CFD within architecture was recently recognised when we became Finalists in the prestigious, international ‘CTBUH 2016 Innovation Awards’.

“High-resolution CFD is a faster, more flexible and potentially more accurate approach to evaluating an urban wind environment than physical wind-tunnel testing.”
Robert Bird, Robert Bird Group, CTBUH Technical Juror