Commercial Vehicles

Applying our cutting-edge motorsport aerodynamic technology to HGV drag reduction.

Wirth Research is dedicated to developing innovative and cost-effective solutions for our commercial vehicle customers, in order to improve overall efficiency. Our unique WR AeroKit™ – a set of aerodynamic components, developed using our motorsport derived Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capability – does just that, delivering outstanding performance when compared with alternative air management kits currently on the market.

The WR AeroKit™ spent more than five years in development and was put through a rigorous, evidence based development regime, to prove that any theoretical benefits would be delivered in practice. Our results speak for themselves: operating in combination, the complete set of WR AeroKit™ components has been shown to deliver a drag reduction of 10% compared with an existing air management kit. This translates to a 5% reduction in fuel usage, when travelling at a steady 55mph. When the WR Aerokit™ is fitted to a standard vehicle with no existing air management kit, drag reductions of more than 30% are possible, which would translate into fuel savings of 15%.