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Bloomberg London

This project applied Wirth Research’s expert CFD and aerodynamic knowledge to a large scale, high-profile, city centre project, considering natural ventilation and the internal environment.

By utilising high resolution CFD, we were able to analyse the Foster and Partners designed Bloomberg London Building’s natural ventilation system performance. Using our specially formulated techniques on natural ventilation and external cityscape modelling, Foster and Partners were able to validate the buildings natural ventilation capability in all wind conditions.


Fosters and Partners A global, award-winning architectural firm based in London, with an innovative, modern and sustainable approach to architecture and integrated design. The practice, led by founder and chairman Lord Foster, is known for its striking, high-profile projects.


This bronze-fin-clad landmark, now home to Bloomberg’s 4,000 UK staff in the City of London, was opened in October, having been conceived from inception with sustainability as its guiding architectural principle. And it has delivered on this goal spectacularly: the building has achieved an “outstanding” 98.5 per cent BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating – the highest of any major office building in the world.

But even more significant is the ‘breathing building’ air circulation of the structure, that incorporates a ‘smart airflow’ function; together these have dramatically reduced both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The building’s intelligent CO2-sensing controls allow air to be distributed according to the approximate number of people occupying each area at any given time; their ability to dynamically adjust airflow, and reduce reliance on air-conditioning units, should reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 300 metric tonnes each year.

Wirth Research were approached to provide detailed modelling capabilities of the buildings natural ventilation performance within the buildings surrounding city scape environment. Using ‘hi-res’ CFD, Wirth Research was asked to provide design support to ensure the ventilation system would provide an optimal working environment.


Wirth Research carried out its innovative ‘hi-res’ CFD on the design for Bloomberg London, to ensure the buildings natural ventilation system would operate independent of the wind conditions. The level of detail captured allowed accurate modelling of the internal airflow conditions, and importantly variations in internal comfort. Various system configurations were tested with the aim of providing an optimal and consistent working environment. This has led to the very high sustainability performance of the building.

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