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Pioneering the Application of Motorsport Technology to HGV Drag Reduction

  • WR AEROKIT™ delivers significant and measurable drag reduction over typical air management kits (10%).  The equivalent figure for an ‘un-kitted’ truck is over 33%
  • Independently tested and verified at MIRA and Millbrook
  • Strategic partnership with Eddie Stobart Limited
  • Lower carbon emissions supports fleet operators’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis demonstrated that Wirth Research’s motorsport-derived development processes - with no requirement for wind tunnel testing - were as applicable to large commercial vehicles as to very much smaller race cars.

Independent testing was carried out at both the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) and Millbrook in Bedfordshire, the results of which fully validated the output of the CFD testing lab and super computer at Wirth Research HQ in Oxfordshire.  This was followed, during the course of 2014, by more than 500,000 miles of real-world intensive physical testing of the WR AEROKIT™, conducted on a trial fleet of Eddie Stobart tractor units and trailers - confirming both performance and operational robustness.  

The first adopter of this new technology, Eddie Stobart Limited, is rolling out the kits to new trucks on its fleet.

Read the full WR AEROKIT™ launch press release.

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