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Wirth Research is recognised as a major exponent of CFD, initially focused solely upon the aerodynamic design of racing car body profiles but now more widely across the Automotive sector and recently Wirth Research has applied its CFD expertise to solving non-motorsport design challenges such as within the wider Transport and Architectural sectors. 

A vital part of the planning approval process for major construction projects such as the creation of tall buildings or lower rise buildings but of a significant mass, (e.g. shopping malls, retail parks  or residential developments) is a Wind Micro-Climate Study or a Pedestrian Comfort Wind Study. 

There is already a direct correlation between the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of such significant developments and, therefore, an increased demand for such assessments to be conducted.  

The project proposer has to expect that every case will be rigorously challenged by informed people who could be advocates or challengers of the proposed scheme; hence the survey has to be detailed, comprehensive and provide robust, defendable evidence. 

Wirth Research’s CFD technology case is then uniquely magnified through the use of the high performance computer cluster - allowing faster and cost effective turnaround and the flexibility of placing this process earlier in the design cycle.  

Traditional methods require detailed, expensive and lengthy physical model making all adding to extended lead-times which delay the decision making process whereas the Wirth Research CFD process reduces lead-times and rapidly accommodates any subsequent design modifications and changes.  

Typically a detailed assessment will be turned around from initial brief to the report being submitted in just 3 weeks with any required design iterations being accommodated within a further few days. 

One of the major advantages of the Wirth Research process is that if modifications are required there is no need for costly and time consuming alterations to physical models and the re-booking of wind tunnel time which is more expensive, time consuming and less effective.  Our case file includes recent UK & International projects for leading architects such as Foster & Partners. 

The Wirth Research CFD model encompasses the surrounding terrain, landscape and environment regardless of the project location and provides results measured against the established criteria such as the Lawson scale according to guidelines set out by the BRE, CIBSE and ASHRAE with the resultant wind effect being measured from as many compass points as desired thereby generating totally comprehensive reports.

The Difference:- 

The fundamental differences with Wind Micro-Climate and Pedestrian Comfort Wind Studies from Wirth Research emanates from 2 key areas:  

  1. World leading expertise in producing a wide range of aerodynamic solutions through the application and in-house development of advanced CFD Technology and knowledge since 2003. 
  2. A much higher resolution produced in a shorter lead-time than any other provider with a typical level of 200 million cells per survey with the capability of rising to in excess of a billion cells due to Wirth Research’s market leading CFD computing power.

                 In brief:- Better information more clearly presented within shortest possible lead-times.

The Wirth Research architectural CFD expertise also includes the provision of consultancy on natural ventilation and tall buildings.

The results of Wirth Research Wind Micro-Climate and Pedestrian Comfort Wind Studies are evidenced in projects which gain approval due to being better considered and hence better designed developments causing minimum detrimental impact upon the surrounding environment as an outcome of improved and timely decision making at the design stage - thanks to the provision of better and uniquely detailed information.

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