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Vehicle Simulation

The Wirth Driver-In-Loop (DIL) Simulator is the next step in race vehicle development, allowing a complete mathematical representation of all elements of a racing car (aerodynamics, chassis, engine, drive train and tyres) to be assembled together and controlled by a driver.

Using the latest 3D visualisation technology, the driver's experience of controlling this simulation is very similar to that of driving the actual race car. This technology allows Wirth Research to test and optimise different car configurations without the expense, restrictions and difficulties of track testing.

There is an extensive library of tracks available.

The DIL (Driver-In-Loop) Simulator can save racing teams both time and money, as extensive simulator test programs can be completed with the teams’ drivers at the wheel and engineers monitoring “lap times”, prior to going to the expense and time-consuming process of actual on-track testing. The Simulator provides an opportunity for drivers and engineers to strengthen their working relationships. It can also be used as a coaching tool and an aid to driver development programs.

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