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Simulation Software

Wirth Research has developed a range of bespoke software solutions and simulation tools to meet the needs of specific customers in areas including data analysis, aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics , trackside software, engine, tyre and vehicle simulation.

Typically these simulation tools are customised to a client's requirements and are designed with the sole purpose of allowing faster and more detailed real time in-event optimisation or pre-event analysis than those used by our customer's rivals.

As well as software tools designed to purely improve performance, our programmers have also developed software for car safety including:

  • Analysis of position and type of trackside safety barriers to optimise energy absorbing structure positions at racing circuits
  • Dynamic simulations to allow the study of the effects of high speed aerodynamic instability that can lead to a racing car becoming air born as a result of its design
  • Calculation of impact speeds for high performance cars for individual racing circuits
  • Safety-related car aerodynamic stability investigations
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