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Computational Fluid Dynamics

For almost a decade, Wirth Research has been at the forefront of the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in high level motorsport.  These pioneering in-house research and validation techniques culminated in the cessation of all traditional scale model wind-tunnel testing in 2008. 

Since then, all aerodynamic development for Wirth Research’s customers has been via the use of CFD only.  The overwhelming success of this revolutionary approach has been clearly validated by over 50 race wins and three championship wins for the ARX sports cars.

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics now quite commonly used as a method of assisting or informing the design process of a wide range of products and widely utilised across industries. 

It was first widely used in the aerospace sector and then closely followed across the automotive industry with applications as wide ranging as motorsport and commercial vehicles. 

Wirth Research continues to invest heavily in development and validation of its increasingly sophisticated CFD techniques and has recently expanded the application of this technology to include areas as diverse as large vehicle optimisation and the analysis of large buildings and cities.

The company only uses Ansys Fluent solvers for its analysis.

Model Creation

A number of advanced multi-processor workstations with up to 1 TB of RAM use specialised CFD software to create and manipulate complex models consisting of many hundreds of millions of cells, or larger.

Model Solution

The company has partnered with Bull Information Systems to provide an all-new supercomputer. The new array of supercomputer clusters are dramatically more efficient than the previous Wirth Research systems and are specifically designed to allow continuing development at the cutting edge of large-model CFD technology.

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