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Composite Manufacturing

To satisfy our customers' needs for high quality composite structural items, Wirth Research has created a low-volume, aerospace-quality composite manufacturing facility.

This division manufactures a range of structural components using the very latest aerospace technologies combined with highly skilled and experienced technicians, validated by a rigorous and innovative post-manufacture quality control.

These components include a range of structural and safety-critical items, starting from complete race car monocoques, as well as crash and impact structures, wing and suspension components.


Composite Manufacturing Resources

The facility utilises the latest CNC pre-preg cutting techniques, a state of the art clean room featuring the latest aerospace quality laser and video ply-positioning equipment, sophisticated autoclaves capable of curing any range of items manufactured in-house, plus an array of advanced production and inspection equipment to ensure the quality and repeatability of component performance.

ISO 9001:2008 certification has been awarded to Wirth Research for composite manufacture and assembly of equipment for the defence industry.

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