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Augmented Reality

Emersio is a powerful augmented reality iOS app developed by Wirth Research. Using Emersio you can download high quality 3D models and render them in a real view environment using your mobile camera.

View and interact with rendered 3D models in high definition on your iPad or iPhone. Save and share your latest creations with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr.

Virtual and Augmented Reality technology has been at the heart of Wirth Research’s design and manufacturing processes for many years.  A sophisticated, fully-immersive virtual reality system is used in-house for digital ergonomic and mock-up evaluation.  In the Business’ composite manufacturing facilities, technicians make use of an advance augmented-reality system to allow extremely precise positioning of carbon-fibre material in complex moulds.

For more details visit www.emersio.com

Emersio App Features:

  • An Augmented-Reality 3D Object Viewer
  • Localises virtual 3D models in the real-world
  • Objects located by a unique real-time video-tracking algorithm
  • Models are fully encrypted and secure
  • Download via wifi from a secure server
  • Unobtrusive, clean radial interface design
  • Content can be created by WR or a sophisticated Emersio user
  • A variety of operating modes
  • Unique and intuitive touch gesture control
  • Animated features or movement
  • Images of the augmentation can be captured and shared to social networking sites
  • All supported hardware can display-mirror to remote viewers
  • Current supported hardware - iPad3 onwards & iPhone 4s onwards

Emersio is available free on the App store

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