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Thermal Tyre Model

Wirth Research’s MuRiTyre is a physical thermal tyre model designed for use in DIL Simulators, Multi-Body real-time vehicle simulations (ADAMS, CarSim, VSM etc) and quasi-static race car lapsims. 

Uniquely, the tyre’s mechanical and thermal properties are accurately modelled in a number of ribs, allowing an accurate representation of the contact patch and the multi-rib approach gives measurable benefits of the model generating accurate camber characteristics and self-aligning moment values.

As the model has been developed primarily for use in real-time simulations, its coding has been developed and optimised for use at over 1000Hz on modern computing platforms, and it is designed for application on parallel multi-processor platforms.

MuRiTyre is currently in use in a wide range of pinnacle racing projects, including F1, IndyCar, Le Mans prototypes as well as being used for series production car development activities.

A wide range of tyre data fitting, preparation and tuning tools as well as licensing options are available for MuRiTyre.

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