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Response to Scott Sharp Crash

Response to Scott Sharp crash

September 24, 2009: Patrón Highcroft Racing\'s assault on the 2009 Petit Le Mans suffered a major set-back with a dramatic crash in practice at Road Atlanta. Scott Sharp was turned hard right into the fence during the second practice session and suffered a horrifying series of rolls exiting turn one after contact with a GT car that had exited the pits. The LMP1 championship leader was able to walk away from the scene of the crash that more closely resembled an aircraft accident. Sharp\'s helmet was covered in Georgia clay but the popular American was released from the Road Atlanta medical centrw with a clean bill of health.

Scott Sharp:

As a driver we always want to push the limits.....but I never wanted to be the one who tested the strength and stamina of the Acura Chassis. After the horrific accident last week, I\'m speechless in my praise for the job that you and everyone at Wirth Research did in building such an unbelievably strong car. Thank you for saving my life. The accident was over before I knew it, but when I review the video, I am awed to think that I was able to just \"hop\" out! What a testament to the product that your company designs and delivers. I\'m eternally grateful.

Duncan Dayton:

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and everyone at Wirth Research for building such a strong car. For Scott to be able to simply unbuckle and walk away from one of the most violent crashes that I\'ve seen, is simply remarkable. Everyone at Highcroft Racing has always had the highest respect for your company, employees and products, but you all earned an even deeper level of gratitude from us this weekend, for saving the life of one of our drivers. I\'m not sure how we can ever repay you, but please rest assured that everyone here is most grateful that we are in partnership with such competent professionals. Please extend my personal thanks to all your fine team.

Wirth Research :

The ARX-02a chassis is designed to meet the stringent FIA ‘crash test\' specifications to ensure that the ‘safety cell\' remains intact throughout an accident. The fundamental purpose of this is to protect the driver and fuel system from direct impact and penetration from debris, whilst managing the ‘energy\' levels the driver is exposed to. Although the ‘safety cell\' lies within the extremities of the monocoque, components such as the nose box and rear structure behind the gearbox are all key to ensuring that the integrity of the ‘safety cell\' is maintained in the event of an accident. The ARX-02a monocoque, manufactured in-house at Wirth Research using the latest aerospace computer-assisted manufacturing techniques, is an advanced integral part of the vehicle performance, contributing to the vehicles impressive mechanical and aerodynamic function. Wirth Research engineers work continuously to ensure ultimate vehicle ‘on track\' performance, whilst holding driver safety as a paramount criteria.


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